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QuickBooks Online Simple Start


Pro 2014

Incredibly simple business management for small businesses.

  • Create personalized Invoices and Statements
  • Track your expenses and time costs, and bill your clients for it.
  • Manage your inventory, and prevent overbuying or backorders.
  • Issue purchase orders to your vendors, with custom reordering reminders.
  • Export reports and lists to Microsoft Excel, complete with formulae.
  • GST ready.

For up to 5 users
QuickBooks Online Plus


Mac 2014

Incredibly simple business management on a Mac.

Includes everything1 in QuickBooks Pro 2014, plus:

  • Synchronise events and reminders with iCal/Calendar.
  • Import contact details from Contacts.
  • Export reports and lists to iWork Numbers.
  • Get started quickly with the Set-up Assistant, and built-in tutorials.

For up to 3 users
QuickBooks Online Essentials


Premier 2014

Easy bookkeeping and handling of multiple currencies

Includes everything in QuickBooks Pro 2014, plus:

  • Create quotations with personalised templates.
  • Enter and track customer sales orders,
  • Handle multiple currencies effortlessly, with exchange gains/losses automatically calculated.
  • Buy in cartons and sell in kilogrammes with multiple units of measure support.
  • Advanced, industry specific reports, tailored for your business type.

For up to 5 users
QuickBooks Online Plus


Enterprise Solutions

Complete financial business management made simple

Includes everything in QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2014, plus:

  • Advanced inventory management, with support for FIFO inventory and partial delivery.
  • Fine grained user access control features, for managing large teams of users.
  • Multiple company accounts consolidation.

For up to 30 users
1 QuickBooks Mac 2014 is not GST ready.

Every business is different.

Over the years, we've helped apply the flexibility of QuickBooks to thousands of SMEs across every industry. Each one's different, and we know what yours needs.

QuickBooks for

Construction Businesses

QuickBooks powerful project and class based reporting make it ideal for use with businesses dealing with construction and contracting.

Progress billing lets you bill and collect payments based on project phase or percentage completion. Back charge material costs to sub contractors the moment you place the order, ensuring nothing gets missed.

Quickly determine your committed cost base for each project, and compare actual project costs with projections in real time so you can forecast cost overruns and take action long before they occur.

At the end of the day, you'll be able to analyse your profit & loss for the year as well as for the project duration.

QuickBooks for

Manufacturing Businesses

In addition to your company's finances, QuickBooks manages part inventory and assembly items without the need for third party add ons.

Set up the bill of materials for your assembled products, and let QuickBooks seamlessly handle your item builds, part inventory and reordering, price levels and shipping.

Customisable multiple units of measure let you buy in tonnes, pack in kilograms, and sell in cartons — all without having to perform error prone manual conversion.

Real time reports on raw material stock availability and pending orders help you take up the slack on your purchase to production pipeline, reducing overbuying and back orders.

QuickBooks for

Retail Businesses

QuickBooks' powerful sales analysis reports helps you understand how each product, branch or salesperson is performing in real time. Accurate, monthly profit & loss reports let you compare different months and periods to detect trends and plan ahead.

Post daily sales from your existing point of sale system, or automatically get data from QuickBooks POS 2014.

Customisable multiple units of measure let you buy in drums, pack in litres, and sell in cartons — all without having to perform error prone manual conversion.

QuickBooks for

Professional Services

QuickBooks' powerful class leading billing features take the uncertainty out of managing your service oriented business finances.

Track work hours using built in time sheets, and associate reimbursable expenses to your customers when you get billed. They show up automatically when invoicing, so you'll never accidentally leave anything out.

Set up monthly, weekly or annual recurring invoices for all your customers for painless automatic billing, with support for overdue interest.

You can even email PDF statements and invoices to your customers right from QuickBooks, without having to rely on third party email clients like Microsoft Outlook.

QuickBooks for

Nonprofit Organisations

Accurate budgeting and fine-grained income and expense reporting are central to managing any nonprofit organisation's finances.

Classify your cost centres, projects and events into classes and subclasses so you can analyse income and expense for each of them individually, or together.

What's more, Quickbooks' built in budgeting facilities let you budget for each of those classes and subclasses individually, and compare each budget with the actual numbers in real time, so you can detect and correct cost overruns before they occur.

By viewing income and expense reports by donors, projects or events, you'll instantly know where the funds come from, and where they're going.

Support and Training

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Annual Remote Support Plans

Sign up for our annual remote support plan, and get access to unlimited phone and online remote support for QuickBooks.

Plus discounted rates should you ever need help on-site.

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Classroom Training Sessions

We hold regular 3 hour classroom training sessions at our office you can sign up for, where our consultants introduce you to the features, followed by a question and answer session.

Seats are limited, so call us in advance to book dates.

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