Payroll for the Malaysian Business.

Automates tedious EPF, SOCSO and PCB calculations,
eliminating fines and accidental short-payment.

Fully IRB compliant, and updated annually.

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Why Expresspay?

Set up once, and never again.

Generate Payroll

Getting started with Expresspay is easy - first set up your categories, allowances and deductibles, then import your employee details from an Excel Spreadsheet or enter them quickly using the intuitive Employee Master form.

We'll check the important fields for correctness, and offer helpful notes to help you understand what each field does, and how it affects the final payroll.

After the initial setup, generate every month's payroll with just a click of a button - changes to allowances and deductables take seconds,

Effortless Government Compliance.

Comprehensive Reporting

Expresspay is fully compliant with LHDN standards, and optionally performs deductions for EPF and SOCSO contributions automatically. With Expresspay, you avoid the inaccurate estimations with LHDN manual tax tables, or the laborious monthly data entry with the online PCB calculator - saving your business time and money.

Our annual support package keeps your software up to date with the latest statutory changes, ensuring effortless compliance for years to come.

Integrated Leave Management.

Integrated Leave Management

Expresspay's built in leave management calculates earned leave days on a day to day basis, and supports carrying forward unused leaved to the next year.

Applications and approvals are tracked in software, and current leave balance can be displayed on the monthly payslip, making disputes and unnecessary red tape a thing of the past.

Comprehensive Reporting.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate bonus advice, payroll details and comparisons, statutory payment, HRDF and various other reports for any time period in record.

Every report can be grouped, filtered, sorted and printed for the entire company or for a single department or employee, and most can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Full Feature List

Government and Bank Interoperability
Fully EPF, SOCSO and IRB compliant.
Submit statutory payments and bank payments via disk transfer.

Leave Management
Tracks and monitors applied and approved leave, with up to four custom leave groups.
Calculates earned leave to date, with support for carrying forward leave balances.
Prints current and past payslips with optional current earned leave balance.
Payroll Setup and Generation
Opening Balance and Tax Paid under Previous Employment for up to date records and accurate tax.
Benefits in Kind, Fixed Allowances and Deductions.
Run payroll monthly or bi-monthly.
All reports exportable to Microsoft Excel, and CSV files.
Reports monthly and yearly payroll details, statutory reports, and allowances and deductions by department.
Unlimited categories for unit based allowances, deductions, departments, branches and employees.
Full PCB calculation report for comparison with online PCB calculator.
Printable Income Tax, Zakat, EPF, SOCSO and HRDF forms and reports.

Bonus and Overtime
Includes an intuitive Bonus planning tool.
Customizable overtime pay formulas.

Support and Training

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Annual Remote Support Plans

Sign up for our annual remote support plan, and get access to unlimited phone and online remote support for QuickBooks.

Plus discounted rates should you ever need help on-site.

From RM350 per year
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Classroom Training Sessions

We hold regular 3 hour classroom training sessions at our office you can sign up for, where our consultants introduce you to the features, followed by a question and answer session.

Seats are limited, so call us in advance to book dates.

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